In the 21st Century,  organizations of any kind– for profit, not-for-profit, large or small, complex or simplistic—need to ensure that every entity within the system is aligned to the organization’s strategic purpose.  

Organizational alignment ensures that human and financial resources are focused, with laser precision, on the strategic ends of the company.

Clearly defined statements of purpose help to point all resources in the same direction.  Core values, and belief statements establish a unambiguous expression of what behaviors will drive the organization forward.  Does everyone in your company know what drives their individual and the collective organizational behaviors?  Do your customers know upon which core values and beliefs you provide your services?  Strategic focus begins with the essential elements of core values and beliefs.  

Services Offered

Strategic Goal SettingPicture2

Trust Building 


Focus group listening sessions

360 Self Evaluations

Alignment Verification

Employee Retention Workshops


Building High Performing Teams 

Ensure that your organization, business or team is aligned for maximum success in the 21st   Century.  All organizational gurus—Meg Wheatley, Peter Senge, John Carver, and Jim Collins—say that specific steps should be taken to ensure that companies and their human capital is positioned for full utilization. 

Jeff Cohn is a master facilitator with over 1,000 hours of facilitation services provided to more than 100 teams.  He is a trained professional with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology from Northwestern University.  He also attended the University of Michigan Business School.  Let Jeff’s business training and experiences with Proctor and Gamble, Pepsico, Ameritech, and Sprint work for your team to maximize your business success.

Picture3Meg Wheatley says that everyone and  everything is interconnected and interdependent, and thatindividuals will go where systems lead them.

Are your systems leading your organization/team in the direction that your shareholders aspire?  Are your systems aligned to create the future that is desired?  Brave Dialogue will assist you with the strategic alignment of your organization. 

Let Brave Dialogue assist you in creating a 21st Century shared vision.